Online Gaming

NYT writes about the coming battles in The video games market caused by the launch of various online initiatives: “If online gaming works as its proponents promise, console players will no longer have to pit their skills solely against the game’s computer or friends and family members sharing the machine. With the right equipment and Internet connection, players who are oceans and time zones apart can easily find and challenge one another.”

The Trojan horse-like game consoles are seeking to morph into home gateways, bringing entertainment, commerce and other services into the home.

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Tell the Market…and then Listen

Marc Andressen: “Half the job of an entrepreneur is telling the market what it wants. The other half is listening to what it wants. Nobody ever asked for a Mac or a Web browser. Once you do the product, then you have to listen. The market told Microsoft we dont want tools, we want an operating system. It told Intel we dont want memory chips, we want a microprocessor.”

Dartmouth College’s Wireless Network

Writes Wired: “The [wireless] network is subtly but profoundly altering teaching techniques, social interaction, study habits, and personal security. In spite of its remoteness, the college has long been one of the most wired places on earth, fashioning its campus into the prototype of the fully wireless, always-connected community: a microcosm that provides a peek at what our residential neighborhoods and office spaces may look like in a few years.”

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