WiFi and Cellular Integration

From News.com:

Avaya, Proxim and Motorola are codeveloping a mobile device that roams between cell phone networks and public or private Wi-Fi wireless hot spots.

The three communications manufacturers believe the phones and supporting gear will be among the first from major companies to link two of the world’s most popular kinds of wireless network, said Bo Pyskir, senior director of business development at Motorola.

“Our vision is to connect the various spaces, be they public hot spots, private hot spots or office networks,” Pyskir said.

The gear announced includes a phone from Motorola that uses both Wi-Fi and cell phone networks. The telephone network equipment and the software to manage it all comes from Avaya, while Proxim is building a new kind of Wi-Fi access point.

WSJ 2003 PC Outlook

From WSJ: “The personal-computer industry grew about 2% world-wide in 2002, a meager performance, but a welcome rebound nonetheless from its 2001 contraction. Gartner Inc. predicts PC sales growth will approach 8% this year. That forecast depends partly on businesses, which account for roughly two-thirds of PC sales. This replacement cycle has been anticipated for a year, as computers bought in 1999 to forestall any Year 2000 bugs show signs of aging. So far, belt tightening means that few companies have shelled out for new PCs.”