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CPU Performance

February 20th, 2003 · No Comments

Tom’s Hardware has a report discussing CPU performance over the years. This is how Intel’s CPUs have progressed:

486DX to the 486DX4/100: 1989 to March 1994
Pentium 60 and 66: From March 1993
Pentium 75 to 200: March 1994 to June 1996
Pentium 150 to 233 MMX: October 1996 to June 1997
Celeron 233 to 533: April 1998 to January 2000
Pentium II/233 to 450: May 1997 to August 1998
Pentium III/450 to 1000: March 1999 to March 2000
Pentium III/500 to 1133: October 1999 to July 2001
Celeron II/533 to 1100: January2000 to July 2001
Celeron/Pentium III/1000 to 1400: January 2000 to July 2001
Pentium 4/1300 to 3066 MHz: November 2000 to date

Looking at this from our “thin client” viewpoint, if we are to use old PCs, then, in theory, we could use CPUs dating back to March 1994 (Pentium 75 and higher). So, in effect, even 9-year-old PCs can be used as the low-cost desktops in the thin client-thick server computing environment.

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