Presentations Links

I have added a section in the right column for my Presentations. Have given links to the blog posts which link to the four presentations I have made in the past 6 months.

Much of the thinking for my presentations happens in this blog and the Tech Talk columns. What a presentation does is nicely summarise for others what one is thinking. A limitation is that the presentation is at best an outline. It does not present the complete thinking the way elaborate writing (or talking) does. But still, they give a quick flavour of what I am thinking.

eGovernance Presentation

As promised, I have uploaded the presentation (PPT File, 148K) I gave earlier this week to the Madhya Pradesh government in Bhopal. The title is “Emergent Democracy: Enabling an eGovernance Ecosystem”. The inspiration came frm an article I read by Joi Ito.

The basic themes are two: (i) how to create a mass-market tech utility by setting up teleinfocentres in every village (driven not by state subsidies or funding, but by entrepreneurs and with a viable business model), and (ii) building out an intelligent, real-time egovernance infrastructure.

[Since I have mentioned costs in Indian Rupees, the conversion rate is Rs 50 = 1 USD.]

Will write a Tech Talk based on the presentation soon, to elaborate on the ideas outlined and subsequent thinking.

Thanks to all who gave ideas and suggestions in response to my earlier post.

Red Herring Closure

Reading about Red Herring’s shutdown is sad. For me, I have been a reader and subscriber for many years. I liked the mag a lot – it helped shape some of early thinking on the Internet. It was one of my first buys when I used to visit the US in the mid-1990s. I have a lot of the early copies of the magazine, and every copy of the past 3 years or so. I guess the world around Red Herring changed, and they tried to remain independent for too long.