BW InfoTech 100

Business Week has a report on the top 100 IT companies. The toppers: Nextel, Dell, Samsung, PTT Indonesia and Nokia.

A couple excerpt from the report on enterprise software:

Today, software can do everything from automate a human resource department to manage a supply chain. To paraphrase futurist Clayton M. Christensen, once all the necessary functionalities — or features — are done, new additions just increase the chances of bugs. “I think the [industry] has filled up the functionality bucket,” says Rick Berquist, chief technology officer at PeopleSoft Inc. “I think now we’re in the reliability era.”

Software should be delivered as a service over the Internet instead of shipped to customers on a disk. If the people who designed the software are the ones actually running it, wouldn’t they have an easier time fixing it when something goes wrong?

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