Blogs and Websites will Merge

Don Park offers this thought: “Blogs will fade away within two years. What we know now as blogs will not be recognized by web users of tommorrow, not as blogs, but as websites. Website technologies and blogging technologies will converge into one. People take it for granted that webpages can be edited using their browser. People will also take it for granted that any webpages can be subscribed to with a single-click. Web browsers will be changed to support all this and more like highlighting of changes.”

I tend to agree – I see websites comprised of Wikis for the outline (site map) and the blog format for the various inside pages (posts or entries). The key need is for these pages (and therefore, the website) to be updated easily. That is not the case with most of the websites maintained by small businesses – they will drive the shift.

A couple of the comments on Don’s post concur. Dave Winer: “Agree one hundred percent. That is UserLand’s bet. That’s why both Radio and Manila are complete CMS’s and do so much more than weblogs.” Jim: “Small companies that are currently coding company websites will give way to writers and graphic artists since the putting up a website will no longer be such a complicated job. The questions remains as to whether these content producers are in house or outsourced.”

Phone Booth – the Movie

I am not much of a movie watcher, so it was with some surprise that I found myself watching “Phone Booth”. The premise almost defies the logic of making a movie – a person shown talking in a New York phone booth for the entire duration of the movie. Its worth watching once – just to get an idea of how innovative the human mind can be (full credit to the creators of the movie for coming up with something different).

Comments RSS Feed

We have added a feed for the comments feed on the site. I don’t get too many comments (about 1-2 a day), but the comments are definitely worth reading. Somehow, the posts seem incomplete at times without the value-add that comments provide. You can access the feed here to add into your aggregators.