Automation, Optimization and Centralization

Ross Mayfield blogs from the Enterprise Software Summit on the talk by Allen Bonde:

Automation — of external-facing processes and interactions drives CRM/eCommerce investments in 2004. CRM and eCommerce converging. Automation: market driven
* Apps at the edge getting funded.
* Payoff: reach and efficiency, lower cost of interaction, leverage existing investments.
* demand for self service

Optimization — of decision making and info delivery to all levels of business to increase demand for analytical apps and enterprise decision management fucntionality, delivered through operational systems

Centralization — to enhance accountability for technology an accelerate platform standardization, will emerge as key mandate from business to IT. Regulatory pressure, cost savings of implementations driving new initiatives of control.

Three catalysts for 2004
* Self-service
* Dynamic CRM
* BI for the masses

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