For the past month, I have been doing Yoga three times a week with a friend, and taught by an instructor. (Walks and Yoga alternate now every morning.) Considering how stiff my body has become sitting in a chair all day along with practically no extercise, yoga has become a good way to get all the various body parts to loosen up. Every yoga turn, we try and do a little more than the previous one. My principle is that if it doesn’t start hurting, then I am not doing enough!

What to do as a No. 2

Marketing Playbook points to a post by Laura Ries on the startegy to adopt if one is a number 2 in the marketplace. “A strong #2 brand needs to position themselves as the opposite of the leader.”

Listerine: bad-tasting mouthwash
# 2 Scope: good-tasting mouthwash

Home Depot: messy, male-oriented
# 2 Lowes: neat, female-oriented

Coke: older people
# 2 Pepsi: younger people

Microsoft: proprietary-software
# 2 Linux: open-source software

Wal-Mart: always low prices, messy
# 2 Target: cheap chic, wide aisles, neat

Mercedes-Benz: big, comfortable cars
#2 BMW: smaller, driving machines

Republicans: conservative
# 2 Democrats: liberal
(Rank determined by which party is defending the White House)