Too Busy To Think?

Innovation Weblog links to Gerry McGovern who writes:

Being busy is often an excuse for not doing something you should be doing. For me it has often been an excuse for not thinking, managing, and planning properly. Working hard is no longer the route to success it once was perceived to be. In an era of outsourcing and offshoring, success definitely does require hard work, but what is way more important is smart work. Basically, all the hard work will be outsourced, with just the smart work remaining.

If you want to have a successful future, you must learn to become a better manager, both of yourself and other people. The rise in offshoring, for example, leads to a rise in the need for clear planning, and precise project management.

The world is full of busy people, but there is a definite lack of quality planners and project managers. Stop measuring yourself on how busy you are. Start measuring yourself on how effective you are.

Being Courageous

[via Innovation Weblog] Dave Pollard has a review of “The Medici Effect” by Frans Johansson. He summarises one of the key messages:

Being courageous means:

  • a willingness to break free from old-paradigm networks which reinforce old thinking
  • a willingness to give up the security (for what it’s worth) of your present job
  • a willingness to fight knee-jerk defenders of the status quo, who will ‘black-hat’ anything new or threatening
  • a willingness to confront the possible social stigma of ‘failure’ and non-conformity
  • the ability to walk away from unsuccessful ‘sunk’ costs and not throw good money after bad
  • the ability to reframe alternatives from risk-averse to risk-accepting
  • the ability to acknowledge your fears and overcome them
  • a willingness to follow your heart