Dream Features of an All-In-One Handheld Device

From the results on an AvantGo Mobile Lifestyle Survey:

1. Calendar/contact list
2. Easily syncs with PC
3. Great battery life
4. E-mail/messaging
5. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
6. Compact size
7. MP3 player
8. Phone
9. Large screen
10. GPS locator
11. 20+ gigabyte memory
12. Camera

A comment from Blackberry Blog: “If you just take the top 4 and assume that those are the most important, it seems the users are saying something different than the market. More and more devices are coming with color screens, big harddrives / memory cards, MP3 capabilities, video playback and cameras, but users still just want to be able to maintain a list of contacts, synchronize those contacts with a PC, not have to charge their device and be able to send and receive email and SMS. No wonder Blackberry sales are going through the roof!”

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