Twin Brothers – Viability and Contribution

Marketing Playbook has a note on a conversation with Sidney Rittenberg:

We talked about the importance of culture and values in building great, long lasting companies, about how important it was, not just to be focused on the money but on a real vision of how what you do will make something better and on what kind of people you hire and what motivates them. Sidney then said something that really stuck in my head:

“Yes, the twin brothers of viability and contribution. Unless what you are doing is set up and made to be a viable enterprise, it won’t survive. But unless what you are doing makes a real contribution it won’t attract people, won’t stay vibrant and won’t last over the long run.”

How to Read a Business Book

Slacker Manager has some suggestions. “This isn’t a how-to on studying though…there are plenty of those around. I’ll be focusing strictly on that space that falls between studying for tests and reading for pleasure.”

One of the ideas: “Make a place in your space. This is simple, but important. Establish places to read that are comfortable and have the appropriate accoutrements. You’ll need your book, of course, but you’ll also want ample lighting and a stable writing surface. You’ll want your writing tools close at hand. It doesn’t really matter where your space is, or how many spaces you have. You just need to identify them, or at least identify what they are. Maybe you’ve got a long train commute–perfect found time for reading! Maybe you have a nice chair in the living room–just the place to sneak away for a quick reading session. Speaking of sessions, Sanders advises keeping reading sessions to about 30 minutes. I don’t really hit the wall after 30 minutes and you might not either. Regardless, pay attention to when you start losing attention. At that point, put the book away and do something else for a change.”