eBay’s 10 Years

The Economist writes about what can be learnt from eBay:

The remarkable tale of eBay’s growth points to some important lessons for any business trying to operate onlineand today that includes, one way or another, most firms. The commercial opportunities presented by an expanding global web seem almost limitless. But the pace of change is rapid, and so is the ferocity of competition. To succeed, firms need agility, an open mind and the ability to reinvent themselves repeatedly. Most of all, they need to listen carefully to their customers, paying close attention to what they do and don’t want

Such qualities, of course, would be valuable in any kind of business. Yet for online firms they are not a luxury, but necessary for mere survival. This is true for a variety of reasons. The internet is not only growing, but changing rapidlywhich, in turn, changes the rules of the game for any business relying on it. The barriers to entry are still low compared with those for most offline businesses, which means that just keeping track of your existing rivals is not enough. These may not represent the greatest competitive threat tomorrow or the next day. That could come from a number of directionsa firm in a different type of online business; one that does not yet exist; or even from one of your own customers. On top of all this, the behaviour of many consumers is constantly changing as well, as individuals discover new ways to shop and interact with each other via the web.

Tiecon Quotes

Brij Singh has some of the quotes from the conference:

Cost of running offshore site in Spain is only 8% higher as compared to India – Virmani (Global Partner – Accenture)

Best introduction (received big applause for this) – “I am Craig Newmark, customer service rep and founder , Craigslist”

“I don’t believe in low-end, high-end distinction. TCS was doing pure body shopping and now they are a multi-billion consulting giant” – PV Kannan, CEO 24/7 Customer

Some other tidbits , don’t remember who said what !

Online bill payment growth number is about to hit hockey stick growth – Billeo CEO

Most of the Internet emerging startups are using Google adsense to pay their bills. Atleast Fatlens, Billeo and Technorati acknowledged that.

What metrics to show to board members ? CTR, Conversion, Impressions, LTV , Irrational Exuberance (Ok I added the last one !)

New catch phrase for all outsourcers – Business Transformation. Expect IBM to trademark eTransformers or maybe bTransformers.

80% of the world cannot afford HP products. This realization started HP’s initiative to capture bottom of the pyramid. Hence e-inclusion type projects.

On-Demand Services

Dan Farber writes:

Is hype endangering the health of on-demand computing? Patrick Grady of on-demand services provider Rearden Commerce (which I wrote about here) believes so, and lays much of the blame at the feet of salesforce.coms Marc Benioff. Grady acknowledges that salesforce.com has done a great job of evangelizing on-demand computing, and has delivered what he called a “wonderful application to the world of CRM,” of which Rearden is a “very happy and avid salesforce.com customer.” But Grady criticizes salesforce.com for getting “ahead of their skis” in an effort to expand the companys footprint and support its market capitalization. “I can tell you that no one will benefit from another set of missed expectations with enterprises. As an industry, we finally have the environment to deliver on our promises,” Grady said. At the same time, Grady is touting his company as a leader in the transition to on-demand, service-oriented platforms over the next five to ten years.