Remembering Netscape

Fortune has an extensive collection of first-person accounts on the tenth anniversary of Netscape’s IPO. “Picture a world without Google, without eBay or Amazon or broadband, where few people have even heard of IPOs. That was reality just a decade ago. The company that changed itbringing us into the Internet agewas a brilliant flash in the pan called Netscape. For the tenth anniversary of its IPO, FORTUNE recruited dozens of players to tell the story of the startup in their own words.”

The story brings alive the early days of the Internet era — and refreshed many memories of that period for me. Netscape, was after all, the poster-child and an inspiration for many like me who started out in 1994-95.

Emerging Technologies

John Dvorak writes about 7 emerging technologies: “There is a basic weakness in the tech side and I do not see anything to change that until late 2006 when exciting technologies come to market. These should open new venues and result in the kind of mania we come to expect from the tech sector.”

The technologies: Wireless, WiMax, IPTV, Mac-Intel, Microsoft Longhorn, Dual-core processors, and other initiatives such as U3.

Asia Leads IPTV Revolution

Om Malik writes: “South East Asia region is the current leader in IPTV adoption, with seven out of 13 countries already having rolled out some sort of service including PCCWs NOW, which is the largest IPTV deployment in the world, and accounts for one third of the total global IPTV subscribers. According to Gartner, the number of IPTV subscribers in these countries will double by end of 2005. One of the reasons why IPTV has been quick to take-off in Asia is because of the availablity of new broadband networks that can support higher speed flavors of DSL. The population densities in most Asian cities, and the short distance to central offices is the main reason why you have seen higher deployment of DSL/Broadband in that part of the world. Second reason – there are no legacy cable networks, and people want to see TV. It does make me wonder – just like cellular and broadband networks, the massive scale adoption in Asia could give the a region a leg-up in defining the future direction of IPTV as well.”