Mobile Movies

Ramesh Jain points to an article about phonecams being used to make movies and adds: “Given rapidly improving quality, things are likely to take off very fast in use of phonecams for different things movie making is just one of those.”

BPM 2.0

Sadagopan points to a post by Ismael Ghalimi: “[Business Process Management] is too good of a technology for it to be kept out of reach from most of its potential users because of high acquisition costs. Until now, a fully featured enterprise-class BPMS would cost north of $250,000. If you wanted to add support for business rules, BAM and a couple of enterprise applications, it would cost you close to $500,000. I tend to think that such a high price tag is the largest single contributor to the slow adoption rate for BPM that we witnessed over the past six years. BPM 2.0 will change this by making enterprise-class BPMS products free of charge when deployed through certain configurations. Hybrid business models blending Open Source and commercial software will ensure that a handfull of vendors enjoy the success they need for supporting customers over the long run. In the end, customers, system integrators and software vendors alike will all benefit from the upcoming explosion of the BPM market.”

Entertainment as Broadband’s Killer App

Om Malik quotes from Firstmile.US: “Entertainment is inarguably of economic primacy to Americans…Broadband can provide consumers with more entertainment, in a more convenient way. With appropriate business model changes, entertainment is the killer app that will drive broadband forward and increase the standard of living of Americans still further.”

Om adds: “Clearly, in niche markets we can see the impact of this. Akimbo is enjoying some modicum of success with its foreign fare. The music sales online are increasing sharply. Hell, has been printing money. Yup, there might be some truth to the whole broadband for entertainment theory.”