Physical World Connection with Mobile

The Pondering Primate writes:

The PWC is when a mobile phone (or other computing device) is able to scan/read a machine readable identifier and link the object to the Internet. The most visible application is scanning a barcode with a camera phone and comparing prices.

The first issue, and probably the biggest, is the lens on the camera phone. Have you ever tried to take a picture with your camera, close up? Zooming in doesnt make any difference either. This issue should be resolved soon.

The second obstacle the PWC faces is the handset. A PWC application has to be designed/programmed to work on the endless number of handsets. If you look at some of the PWC company websites , pay attention to what and how many phones, the application is available for. The handset availability is pretty limited. This isnt a simple program that every phone can download, it has to be programmed to meet EACH handset specifications.

The final obstacle is the network itself. The wireless/mobile Internet isnt like the PC Web. Every PC with a modem can surf the Web. With the mobile Web, each provider (Sprint, Verizon etc) has their own restrictions. (thats something that can be resolved easily).

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