Funding Invention vs Managing Innovation

Business Week has an article by John Hagel and John Seely Brown.

If we shift our attention from invention to innovation, we begin to see a much broader horizon. Innovation — the ability to create and capture economic value from invention — is what really drives both the economic prosperity of nations and the shareholder value of corporations.

Innovation isn’t just confined to commercialization of new products. It can also build upon creative new practices, processes, relationships, or business models, and even institutional innovations such as open-source computing — invention occurs in all these domains. And while breakthrough innovations can generate significant economic value, sustaining that value requires a capacity for continual incremental innovations.

Brain Puzzles

800-CEO-READ Blog writes: “Most people want their brain to work as well as possible for as long as possible. There are obvious things to do, such as oxygenating your brain with exercise, eating good foods that promote healthy cells, and avoiding bad things like cigarettes and recreational drugs that hurt your brain. Books and puzzles and social gatherings are all good for keeping your brain sharp, but it turns out the key is novelty. To keep those neural connections forming in your brain, do something you are not accustomed to doing. If you dont do crossword puzzles, start now.”