New Ventures

Gerry Lemberg writes:

An entrepreneur is that rare gifted person who has foresight, is firm and resolute, able to motivate and lead others and understands that the value of an idea is directly proportional to the ability to execute it with limited resources.

Only about 1 out of 50 new business opportunities presented by entrepreneurs to investors for funding are ever successful. Our research has shown that entrepreneurs who fail to attract investment believe:

* Investors are too risk averse
* Investors cant recognise a brilliant idea
* There is an equity funding gap for early stage investment
* Investors look only for short term results
* Investors are sharks that only want to steal their ideas
* Investors are too greedy
* Too much competition for available capital
* Investors ask the wrong questions
* Investors expect us to make a compelling case for our lifes work in ten minutes
* Investors have no appreciation for the sweat we put into the development of our idea and technology

Vinod Khosla’s Crusade

The Economist writes that Khosla “wants to save the world from oil.”

Mr Khosla is particularly enthused by cellulosic ethanol, a highly efficient way of making fuel from agricultural waste.

Mr Khosla is convinced that this fuel is greener, cheaper, more secure than gasolineand this shift won’t cost the consumer, automakers or the government anything. There are undoubted attractions to ethanol. But making the switch will surely not be as easy or cheap as he suggests.