Coming Software Shakeout

Strategy+Business writes:

In a couple of years, the enterprise software industry may very well be unrecognizable.

Blame it primarily on consolidation. Five years ago, 11 companies controlled 90 percent of the database market; now only six do. In business applications, the trend is even more pronounced: Seventy percent of the market is now controlled by just 35 companies, compared with more than 120 companies in 2000. Such high-profile deals as Oracles recent acquisitions of Siebel and PeopleSoft have left only two vendors to choose from, Oracle and SAP, for top-tier integrated suites.

Orkut in Brazil

The New York Times discusses Orkut’s phenomenal success in Brazil. [Orkut is Google’s social networking site.]

About 11 million of Orkut’s more than 15 million users are registered as living in Brazil a remarkable figure given that studies have estimated that only about 12 million Brazilians use the Internet from home.

No one quite knows why Orkut caught on among Brazilians and not Americans, although the fact that it is an invitation-only network might explain why it exploded in Brazil. In a 2005 interview with the newspaper Folha de So Paulo, Mr. Buyukkokten said it might be because Brazilians were “a friendly people,” and perhaps because some of his own friends, among the first to join the network, had Brazilian friends.

Google Calendar and Events

Business Week writes:

Google’s goal is to make this not just an end product, but rather a platform for organizing events and sharing information, analysts say. “Google has rethought the entire role of a calendar,” says Forrester Research analyst Charlene Li. “It recognizes you have several calendars to manage and that you have to interact between them.”

Although Google has not announced how it plans to make money from the calendar offering, event planning could provide prime real estate for advertisers. A local costume store could advertise in conjunction with an invitation for a Halloween party, for instance. “Events are highly monetizable,” says Li.