Nokia vs Dell in Future

Mike Evans writes: “[Nokia] sees the mobile phone as the single gadget you’ll need for every form of communication, information and entertainment. They want the mobile phone (and more importantly, their mobile phones) to be your one and only access to the Internet, relegating the computer to a behind the scenes role that may only exist in servers in years to come…Just as digital cameras completely demolished the traditional film-based camera market, so Dell may see its own market start to evaporate at an ever-increasing rate. And if Nokia has anything to do with it, this is exactly the future Dell and the other computer manufacturers can expect.”

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Interview

San Francisco Chronicle had an interview in early May. Excerpts:

Q: Where does your income come from?

A: Every business that Alibaba group launches, we give three years free to users. The purpose is to make sure that we understand the customer and the customer understands the service.

With Taobao, when we launched the Web site, we promised the market that it would be free for three years. It wasn’t because of competition, but because we thought you need to educate the customers.

You need to let them know what a real business-to-consumer auction is. Even now, we think it’s still too early to charge because the market is so big.

Flash vs Windows

Michael Mace writes: “The new Adobe/Macromedia is trying to break Windows, using Flash. Most people in the tech community are viewing this as a battle over web graphics, but it’s really about next-generation applications in general, which cuts to the heart of the Windows franchise. Adobe’s plan is extremely ambitions, and I think it might even work.”