PC for the Masses

Business Week writes:

Just about everybody agrees selling computers in the developing world is more complex than simply adding Mandarin, Hindi, or Arabic software to existing PCs. In many places, PCs must withstand desert heat and sand — and cope with frequent electricity outages. That requires more rugged designs that are also energy-efficient. “In emerging markets we see a huge appetite for PCs,” says Richard Brown, a VIA vice-president who heads the new PC-1 business unit, set up early this year to sell computers in developing countries. “But they need to be smaller, cooler, quieter, and greener.”

In the Tech Talk starting on Monday, I will be discussing “Computing for the Next Billion.”

Foundations of Knowledge

[via Yuvaraj] The Charter has an essay by Leonard Quilty:

Carl Sandburg once opined: Nothing happens unless first a dream. Unless we have a big dream, a multicolored mental image (in 3D), we will be unlikely to do the necessary foundation work to realize that dream. You know what I mean. The goal setting and action plan steps that are so vital to our vision.

But the dream is the key. Until we get emotionally involved and fired up about the positive direction our life is taking, it will be too easy to get sidetracked by the inevitable distractions along the way.

On the subject of emotion, Carl Jung said: There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion. In order to really put the gusto in our goals we have to get our senses involved.