Supernova Discussion

Knowledge@Wharton has a few reports from Supernova which took place in June in San Francisco.

In this special section, Knowledge@Wharton examines such developments as the potential encroachment of web-based applications on the desktop’s turf and the privacy issues surrounding Internet-based computing; the advent of the “videonet” — the increasing number of websites that are forming an infrastructure to deliver videos created by amateurs and professionals alike; and the growing movement to microformat web information so that users can easily assimilate data in multiple ways. Also included is an interview with Adobe Systems’ chief software architect, Kevin Lynch, about Adobe’s vision for the future of software applications on the web, the desktop, and mobile handheld devices.

Nokia’s 770

Walter Mossberg has a review. The bottomline: “If you are a gadget geek, or just want to surf the Web on a small device with a great screen, the 770 might be for you. But for most mainstream users, the 770 is a disappointment. With more horsepower and a revamped interface, it might get closer to the holy grail.”

IPTV Dream

Fortune writes:

Telecom and media executives offer a more pessimistic – or realistic – view. A recent survey by consulting firm Accenture found that only 4% of telecom, broadcasting and media executives think IPTV will generate significant revenue in the coming year.

None of the phone-company managers surveyed thought IPTV would boost revenue in the next 12 months – and, perhaps most surprising, only about half are confident Net television will generate revenue in three years’ time.

“We started to see a gap between what telecom executives were saying and doing and what their equipment and software providers were saying, and what was being hyped in the press,” says Greg Douglass, global managing director of Accenture’s media and entertainment practice.