Early Look at Spore

Spore is Will Wright’s new game. He had earlier created Sims. Business Week writes:

Spore, undoubtedly, is his most ambitious project: It consists of five distinct phases, each pretty much a game in its own right, and mixes action-adventure, space-simulation, and RTS gameplay…Early indications suggest that Spores gameplay should live up to the hype with the super-friendly yet powerful editors and the space phase offering particularly rich rewards.

The game may still take a year to be out.

Citizen Media

MediaShift has an interview with Erik Sundelof:

Events like Rodney King and similar events, its really interesting to have cell phones as part of the scene. Because its much harder to get away with that if you have 40 people with cell phones sending it in. You cant say, No, it was not police brutality. Well we have 40 different people saying they saw it with proof.

I really see an opening here for citizen contributions. The key here is that the media organizations need to realize they are losing control. They cant really control [the news] now because people are posting this stuff to other blogs. I think it would be better to merge traditional reporting with citizen media rather than have a [totally] new media. To take the best of the old fashioned news organizations and bring in the power of the bloggers, because you have so many people investigating. Mix them and you have an extremely good organization and youll have content thats really important in finding out the truth.