Social Networks Rise

Richard MacManus writes:

US Web stats company Compete has some interesting analysis on how Social Networking sites compare to portals. From a sample size of around 2 million US people, Compete concludes that social networking sites are quickly approaching the traffic level of the big portals like Google and Yahoo. Their key findings:

1. In June, 2 out of every 3 people online visited a social networking site

2. Since January 2004, the number of people visiting or taking part in one of the top online social networks has grown by over 109%

3. Social networking sites are now close to eclipsing traffic to the giants – Google and Yahoo

They liken the growth of SNS to email in the 90’s.

Mobile Web 2.0

SDA Asia Magazine has an interview with Ajit Jaokar:

SH: Web 2.0 is also about intensified interaction and collaboration; how can mobile technologies contribute to that? (location, etc.)?

AJ: As we have seen before, Web 2.0 could be described as the intelligent web or harnessing collective intelligence. Web 2.0 (and by extension mobile web 2.0) is all about user generated content. The rise of “User Generated Content” online, where users are given control of the content creation process, is creating a second wave in the digital media field. Coupled with the growing technical capacity of mobile phones, this phenomenon is significant. Historically, the mobile device has always been the mechanism to capture content at the point of inspiration. Unlike a camera, a voice recorder or a PC, the mobile device is always with us. But with mobile Web 2.0, for the first time, we have the capacity to add intelligence to the content we capture at the point of inspiration (via mechanisms like tags). Of course, tags could also mean location (which is just another form of tagging).