Climate Change

The Economist writes in a survey: “This survey will argue that although the science remains uncertain, the chances of serious consequences are high enough to make it worth spending the (not exorbitant) sums needed to try to mitigate climate change. It will suggest that, even though America, the world’s biggest CO2 emitter, turned its back on the Kyoto protocol on global warming, the chances are that it will eventually take steps to control its emissions. And if America does, there is a reasonable prospect that the other big producers of CO2 will do the same.”

Clearing Computer Clutter

Jeremy Wagstaff writes:

As we demand more of our computers by adding more software and widgets and making frequent email checks, they demand more of our peripheral attention. I call it Screen Clog.

Fifteen years ago, most computers would run only one program, and that program took up your whole screen. Now, chances are you’ve got five or six windows open, a task bar somewhere, and occasional little balloons popping up to breathlessly inform you of a computer error, an incoming email, telephone call or instant message.

Here’s what I suggest: Clear the decks. Do with your computer what I did with my relative’s apartment (and subsequently with my own): Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past six months. The act of throwing stuff out clears the head, and having all that empty shelf space lets in more light and provides a surprising psychological lift. Same applies to the computer.