The Next Billion Users

WSJ writes how tech firms atr wooing the next users:

The Intel projects in two of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies — and similar ones in other countries — are part of a broader push by it and other tech giants to do well by doing good in poorer parts of the world that until recently have been largely cut off from technology.

Their aim is to reach what executives call “the next billion users” of consumer technologies like the Internet and cellular phones. The images of executives helping the poor can also help maintain good relations with the government, a critical part of doing business in both China and India.

Amazon’s Next Bet

Business Week writes:

Bezos wants Amazon to run your business, at least the messy technical and logistical parts of it, using those same technologies and operations that power his $10 billion online store. In the process, Bezos aims to transform Amazon into a kind of 21st century digital utility. It’s as if Wal-Mart Stores Inc. had decided to turn itself inside out, offering its industry-leading supply chain and logistics systems to any and all outsiders, even rival retailers. Except Amazon is starting to rent out just about everything it uses to run its own business, from rack space in its 10 million square feet of warehouses worldwide to spare computing capacity on its thousands of servers, data storage on its disk drives, and even some of the millions of lines of software code it has written to coordinate all that.