Future Business Models

Tim O’Reilly discusses giveaways. “The long and the short of it: though some readers were skeptical, Srini and Michael turned up some strong evidence that the ideas I wrote about are well on their way to becoming mainstream, with some business mavericks pushing them further and faster than anyone might have expected. Stay tuned for a future that is very different from the past. The big question for entrepreneurs: what is the razor, and what is the blade?”

Five Rules for an Empty Inbox

Download Squad writes:

1. If you don’t need to read it now, it shouldn’t be in your inbox.
2. If you’ve already responded to it, it shouldn’t be in your inbox.
3. If it comes from a known source (some person, retailer or mailing list that sends you mail more often than once every few months) it should be labeled automatically.
4. No one needs to look at their own inbox more than once an hour (and for many, once every 2-3 hours).
5. To borrow from the cult of GTD, re-factor constantly and mercilessly.