Social Networking in 2007

Fred Stutzman writes: “2007 will be a shakeout year in the SNS space. There are simply too many upstart social networks competing for the same audience. The most important asset a social network can posses is community, and communities are pooling in the premier social networks (Myspace, Bebo, Facebook). This pooling of community, or network effect, drives lock-in and gives the users less incentives to explore new social networks. As a result, a number of companies are going to take it on the nose.”

Mobile Predictions

Scott Shaffer at The Pondering Primate offers his predictions. Among them:

1. SMS Portal

A clear SMS portal emerges. Like Google has established itself as “the” search engine for the PC, there will be a “find” engine for the mobile. Subsequently, the “shortcode” takes on a greater role for ALL forms of advertising.

2. 2D Code Service

Google or Yahoo (maybe even AOL gets creative) introduces a 2d code (QR code) generating application and finds a way to monetize it’s use.