Broadband Use

[via Anish] Bob Frankston writes:

Just as ISDN pricing would have prevented us from discovering the web, todays Broadband pricing is preventing us from taking advantage of connectivity. We cant assume connectivity unless people subscribe at todays inflated prices now that the cable and telephone systems are identical we get no additional capacity from competition but we find ourselves paying for two infrastructures. Its even worse than having two local power grids the architecture of broadband systems fails to take advantage of the cost savings afforded by using a mesh architecture rather than a tree.

Broadband makes it difficult to think of connectivity as basic infrastructure. It locks bits into billing paths rather than allowing them to leak out to provide ubiquitous connectivity. It means cities not only cant take advantage of the cost savings that come from using a common infrastructure they find themselves building an additional infrastructure or even multiple for each purpose!

Broadband makes it seem as if the Internet were an expensive luxury out there instead of being a fundamental resource everywhere.

Beyond Walled Gardens

Tony Norcross suggests that mobile content operators should look beyond the operator:

In 18-24 months there will be a few mobile Internet sites that everyone will come to know and will bookmark. There will be a “MySpace” of the mobile world. It may not be MySpace – but something like MySpace. People will access The Weather Channel and ESPN directly. Ebay mobile will come into its own. And all of these companies – that know how to run Internet businesses and monetize them from advertising – will do what they do best. And none of them will require consumers to use the operator portal.

If you are a content owner or a marketer trying to get an audience with a major carrier or network operator. STOP! Stop wasting your time and energy. Figure out the place on the Internet where your target customers will be going when they can truly access the content they want from their mobile device – for affordable flat rate data prices – and without walled gardens. Invest your time in a relationship that has long term viability!