VCs and Entrepreneurs

Dave Winer writes:

Even after you get an offer from a VC, very carefully find out if their vision of the company agrees with yours. If it doesn’t there’s a pretty good chance you’re either going to end up working for the wrong company (the one that agrees with the VC’s vision) or out on the street looking for a job, with your idea tied up in a company whose vision you don’t agree with.

I’ve seen this happen too many times — the entrepreneur feels his or her vision has been ratified because the money has come in, but the VC was thinking something else. The VC often wins this struggle. Better to figure this out before you become partners.

Slow Mobile Mail Growth

Xen Mendelsohn talks to John White: “Set against an installed base of 2 billion plus SMS-capable handsets, mobile email has only just got off the starting blocks. RIM’s BlackBerry is widely accepted as the market leading device of choice for corporate executives who need reliable mobile email, yet after years of pushing these excellent devices into the market, the installed base of BlackBerry subscribers, worldwide, in mid-2006, reached only a little over 6 million. Taken alone, 6 million or more is a great success for RIM, but compared to the 2 billion souls around the world with SMS in the palm of their hands, it’s just a drop in the ocean.”