Adobe’s AIR Plans

Robert Cringely writes:

In terms of software applications, I can think of only two that have reached the point of ubiquity and hence invisibility — Flash and PDF, both of which come from the same company, Adobe Systems.

Adobe is moving into developer tools in a big way to support its grab for mindshare in the interactive/rich web application space where much of the excitement lately seems to be. Some people think of this as Browser Wars 2.0, but I think it is more fundamental than that. Here are the players. Microsoft is putting massive resources behind Silverlight. Sun is trying to take Java to the next level with Java FX. Mozilla is trying to improve its position through AJAX, Canvas support, and better offline support. And Adobe is leaning hard on Flash, Adobe Integrated Runtime or AIR (formerly code-named Apollo), and Flex. My money is on Adobe simply because of those two invisible weapons, PDF and Flash.

One thought on “Adobe’s AIR Plans

  1. I don’t know how i bumped on this article but was planning to comment on this.

    We recently started using Adobe’s Livecycle Suite to generate forms in form of PDF and render it on browser as interactive web pages.

    Its costly suite but seems useful as we got a lot of PDF Forms.