TRAI Consultation on Mobile VAS

Recently, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) had published a consultation paper on Value-Added Services. My company submitted a response to the questions they had asked. Here is the response we submitted.

After that, TRAI had an open-house, in which I participated. Nikhil Pahwa captured the discussion that took place.

More recently, we submitted a brief paper articulating the need for licencing of VAS in India and detailing the specific proposal we had. Here it is.

4 thoughts on “TRAI Consultation on Mobile VAS

  1. pls be aware that you have a traitor in the VAS vendors CII initiative.. and that is Mr Arvind Rao… this can be chacked by enquiring from the operators itself… he has shared the your internal communication to airtel and vodafone…

  2. On the topic of mobile and VAS on mobile, I was wondering about the possibility of mobile going wireless and wanted to get your views on it.

    Let me explain, i am currently traveling in the US and got myself a T-Mobile flex plan for my mobile on a BlackBerry curve (Wifi Enabled). One of the cool features that T Mobile provides or allows for is that i can connect my phone to a WiFi network instead of the mobile(GSM) network and it still works perfectly like a phone (Able to make / receive calls …etc).

    When i see this i wonder, If it just makes more sense to make WiFi ubiquitous and just that for all voice/data/etc purposes. Will the new google initiative of Free the Airwaves ( ) be a first step in that direction.

    Wont this entirely change the way we look at VAS? – Wont VAS = Anything provided on the internet in that case?

    What are your thoughts?