Friedman’s Hot, Flat and Crowded

“Hot, Flat and Crowded” is the title of Thomas Friedman’s new book which was published a couple weeks ago. I bought a copy last Sunday at one of the local bookstores and have just started reading it. The first chapter reminds me of a lot of what we need to do in India — Nation-building. Much of what Friedman talks about is in the US context on the imperatives, but they could be equally applicable for us in India. We need big, bold thinking — which unfortunately has not been associated with our political leadership. We need innovation across many fronts — especially education, energy, the way we urbanise and create new cities, transportation solutions for moving people, and the right, smart use of the mobile broadband world that can emerge. On many fronts, we are getting it wrong in India. And for that, perhaps what Friedman advocates for the US can also be applied to India.

2 thoughts on “Friedman’s Hot, Flat and Crowded

  1. Ahh. Its been a long time I commented! Much has changed since his last book. He works on the Hollywood principle,”if you can surprise others with your wit, bamboozle them with your bullshit”. Much of it is opinionated with fiction passed off as facts.
    Asking the political system to change is to ask for a radical overhaul of our own thinking. This perhaps, is improbable in the given scenario because we are overwhelmed with mediocrity in all spheres of life.
    Whatever applies to US cannot be applied in toto in India because the set of problems is unique. There is no magic wand that could give you such sense of optimism; I feel that at best we would remain stunted across all levels because till the time the need for a change arises in our own minds, the aforementioned “development” would not happen in the real sense of the term.

  2. Nation building, big thinking,! Fresh thinking it seems! 😛

    Rajesh..some feeback from a fan, u write best when you write what you think..I ll be glad if you gave these Friedmans of the world a miss