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I bought the Lenovo Ideapad S10 from Croma (near Chandan cinema in Mumbai). Their tagline is “We help you buy.” They can surely do better on that front.

The S10 was being promoted with a Tata Indicom CDMA USB modem free (worth Rs 1,999). The actual purchase of the S10 itself was easy and smooth. And then came the issues. First, at the payment counter, they said I needed to pay Rs 1,000 more for the modem. I pointed out that the offer was quite clear. Rs 1,999 and free. After a few minutes, they agreed. Then, they refused to give me the modem unless I activated it immediately. They pointed to the “Conditions apply” fine print with the offer. It took me four levels of managers to talk to for about 15 minutes before they reluctantly relented and gave it to me. Presumably, the store gets an activation fee for the USB modem. But from a customer viewpoint, I did not want to get it activated right then and there since they would start billing me immediately. And that point was not highlighted when I made the purchase.

Second, while buying, I was told that there was a 60-day trial version of MS-Office on it. This was good for me since I planned to use it for a presentation the next day and it would have saved me the hassle of connecting an external CD/DVD drive to install MS-Office. On starting up the S10 in the store, there was no trace of MS-Office. The salesperson had miscommunicated to me.

These minor issues took the sheen off what should have been a pleasant buying experience. There was a disconnect for me between the advertising byline and the actual experience, which could so easily have been avoided.

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  1. Being from Telecom Industry, I think it’s a right of any store giving a free USB Modem to ask consumer to fill form at that counter only, as it is they are compromising on profit, why should they loose activation comission.

    Rest of the experience was not pleasnt , I agree. But yours could be exceptional, I bought complete set of appliances , LCD and a Laptop, overall experience was really good.

    Their after sales service is fantastic, I can vouch for that from my personal experience. At least like other store , they do not write that for after sales service of Camera, I POd and Mobile phones, please contact authorised service centre only.

  2. Rajesh,

    You may be one of the best brains in software industry. But which world do you live in exactly?

    First Part: You always have to haggle while talking to anyone in India. Here, almost everyday in Bangalore (language issue apart – we have serious difficulty in communicating in English and I do not know the local tongue), I face issues like hell.

    I have gas connection, but they will not deliver the cylinders; I have all the valid documents, but almost twice a week some bulky policemen will stop to check the documents out of nowhere, I have asked for a courier and the other person will ask do you understand the local tongue (he is a B.Com graduate and can talk in english), I walk into a store to buy some consumer goods and staffs do not respond at all (I am relatively fair, without a moustache, do not smell and am not bulky – the standard look here around is the other one).

    I anyway have to go through all these to get the work done. Is it not the India we live in? I always feel like winning a medal when a deal (actually normal communication) goes through. I guess, you live in a completely different world though!

    Second Part:

    This is somewhat surprising.

    MS Project anyway comes free with a trial version (at MS website). You can easily download from the net and try it. It will take you hardly 10/15 minutes to do that! Why will you go and select a machine for that utility only?

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  4. I buy Philips I Pod in May 2008 from your Bhayander Max mall centre.
    At time of selling they assured 1 year full replacement warranty.
    At present its display not working. Your People at Croma- Bhayender refuse to Replace the same. Why?
    If not responded properly I wil fight the matter till consumer Court.

  5. Very bad experience with Croma, bought a deskjet printer. When came home and opened found it was a used piece may be a demo one.
    When call up they gave idiotic answers.
    Went to get the replacement, the guys were blaming HP for this. Saying they got the unit like that.
    Refused to give me in writing forget the compensation

    They want to say there is no quality check at HP and everything is fine at their store.

    Had to incure travelling cost including toll payments to get this, apart from waste of time.

    Left very bad taste , will not recommend.

    Another point , noticed the prices of few products are not a bit more marked up compared to other stores. eg HP deskjet 5160, which is Rs 200 cheaper in Vijay Sales.

  6. croma worst seller ever expirenced…the ;ocal stores are better and cheaper… just a few deals they will highlight as the cheapest rest is all high… my friends got some usb mouse from croma at rs.200 and they said its fantastics after a month use alll gone the mouse doeant work.. well i thought i’ll go with the branded usb mouse from hp.. i got it from croma at 750 and local stor is giving the same product for 450

  7. Croma pepole are misguiding the valuable customers with their festival offeres with out revealing the hidden charges.