Blog Past: An Entrepreneur’s Attributes

This series was written almost exactly five years ago. I write about Vision, Compass Thinking, Multi-tasking, Deciding and Problem Solving. Here is an excerpt from the section on Compass Thinking:

When we embark on a journey, the normal course of action is to equip oneself with a map. But what if the terrain one we were going across was uncharted and no maps were available? All one has as a guide then are the stars and one’s inner intuitions. This describes the path the entrepreneur needs to traverse. An entrepreneur must learn to travel with a compass, knowing only the general direction.

It is not all that difficult. When one starts, all paths seems to be headed to the destination — or to nowhere. This is where the trial-and-error process starts. The entrepreneur needs to start looking around, making short forays, developing a sense of the surroundings, being alert to the environment around. Over time, the entrepreneur will develop the appropriate antennae which will work as the compass for going forward in the right direction.

That is how we began in our mobility business — three years ago all I knew was I wanted us to be in it, but didn’t know the specifics of what we would do.  We started with a compass, and drew the map out as we explored the terrain.

One thought on “Blog Past: An Entrepreneur’s Attributes

  1. Interesting post on the start of an entrepreneurial venture. I agree a compass is needed and for me the compass has been the effort to “reminisce about the future.” We can all reminisce about the past in vivid, clear pictures. Imagine how successful we could be if we developed the ability to reninisce about the future in the same way. This does not mean we can predict the future, but it does help us to make the future. If we develop a realistic vision of what we want the future to be we have a clear, concise picture of what needs to be achieved. As we move along the path we will have this compass directing us to the future that can be used to make the decisions that will allow us to arrive at the future as we reminisced it to be.