Airplane Mode for Life

The iPhone has an “Airplane” setting which turns the radio (phone) off but keeps the rest of the device working. We all need the equivalent of an “Airplane” mode which turns off all distractions and leaves us free to think – uninterrupted, for long periods of time.

I thought about this on my long flight from Mumbai to San Francisco (via Shanghai) on Jet Airways. I always find long flights very productive for thinking. It is hard to get this kind of disconnectedness on earth. (Hopefully, it stays that way, and they don’t start Internet and mobile access on airplanes.)  During our regular day on Earth’s surface, we end up having plenty of beeps and all that – people probing us via email, SMS, phone calls or popping into cabins for discussions. It is hard to get a few hours where all one can do is sit in the same place, get food delivered, and thus have the mind free for long stretches of time.

I find these periods very good for deep thinking. There is a certain timelessness about long-distance airplane travel – which was similar to how trains used to be once upon a time. One has one’s space and is left completely free to do as one pleases.

I think we should all go into Airplane mode every once in a while – can do wonders for the mind.

11 thoughts on “Airplane Mode for Life

  1. Sounds epiphanic. I had the same realisation once i was on a flight from Mumbai to Tokyo. An idea started taking root and made me restless and thinking throughout the journey.

  2. Well said…
    that reminds me…i should take a flight mind is too cluttered right now…:)

  3. I don’t know what would happen if I dint get my time with myself to think about whatever I want to think, I make sure I would have enough time slotted for myself .

    I’m a fairly young guy and make sure I balance everything I want to do but I see everyone is super busy and the perception of the world is that if only your busy like hell and stressed your successful 🙂 crazy world!

    In the past a mans success was determined with regards to how much time he had to himself things have changed!


    Satyam Bachani.

  4. an idea:

    we shd select a full hour at a time convenient to us -like, say, 6 to 7 pm, constant, everyday, when we switch off every modern gadget [TV included] and let the world manage by itself. we can always cope with the mess after 7 pm. bingo ! free one hour every 24 hours. village folks enjoy nearly 23 free hours every day.

  5. I think the airplane mode is what’s called Meditation these days-when u shut ur mind off and just be in the moment..

    Interesting post BTW

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