Book Club

One of the meetings that I look forward every 2 months is that of our 3-person Book Club. We spend about 90 minutes discussing books or articles that we have read. Since all of us come from very different backgrounds and have very different reading habits, there is always a lot to learn from listening and sharing. There is no business discussion – because we have very little in common there. So, one can be very open in the talk.

In the 7+ years that we have been meeting, I have found my Book Club meetings to be rich in opening my mind to different mental models and streams of thinking which I would not have ordinarily gotten exposed to. (And I hope I have done the same to my two friends.)

I think all of us should create our own small ‘circles’ where the group meets and shares ideas or readings on different topics. I am sure you will find it stimulating.

7 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. Very true! We have been trying to get something similar off, but we have not been able to do it regularly. Thanks for writing this, maybe this will trigger something.

  2. Great idea Rajesh. I have been doing it for some time with my teams. I find reading books the best way to mentor people in a continuous fashion.
    It is also the best way for people to exchange ideas.

  3. I have tried variations of this. Somehow have never managed to run them successfully for longer than a few months at a time. Maybe the commitment levels across the members has not been strong enough. Have tried to inspire something of this kind at work too. Where its been working, reasonably well, over the last 8-10 weeks (a weekly event).

    Hey, anytime your 3 member club is open to expansion, I would like to apply to be included in 🙂

  4. I agree with Mr. Sanjay Mehta somehow I never could sustain the meetings with the group, I guess at the end of the day if one has a circle of friends to bounce things across and get a new prospective is exciting but its always been informal for me.

    Here’s a Quote from Mr. Warren Buffet from his recent Shareholder meeting in 2008.

    “Well, you can learn from teachers too, and have mentors but there are so many constraints attached- they will talk fast, talk slow, they might talk like a pro or they might be terrible communicators. Books are a different animal altogether, I love reading! The beauty about reading and learning is that the more you learn the more you want to learn.”


    Satyam Bachani.