Blog Past: The Emerging Internet

I wrote this post about a year-and-a-half ago. In it, I described my vision of the world to come in the form of the shifts that are happening:

Behind the PC to Mobile shift, there are four key elements to my philosophy about this ‘Emerging’ Internet that I want to elaborate on in this Tech Talk. First, even as the PC Internet has been wonderful in helping us navigate the Reference Web, it is the mobile Internet will help us build sensors into the Live Web. Second, what search was to the PC Internet, subscriptions will be to the mobile Internet. Third, advertising as the dominant business model on the Internet will give way to “invertising” on mobiles. Finally, this new world will first be visible in emerging markets like India – and in this new world will rise the next Google.

One thought on “Blog Past: The Emerging Internet

  1. Rajesh,

    I think you are trying to solve following problems:

    1) Provide information to people by pushing it to them instead of them searching for information. This way you create a new way of data consumption.
    2) Provide information in a manner which is hardware and OS platform neutral. This is to enable audience with/without richer phones to be able to consume data.

    I think following points come to mind:
    1)The data which can be consumed in such a manner is highly valuable if available in real time. For example sports channel feeds.
    2) The end user will only consume data if feed is highly relevant to them. To expedite initial adoption one has to create data feeds which are most relevant to largest group of audience and then create awareness.
    3) There can be multiple ways of consuming such data by end user through SMS, Email, or an application installed on end-user device. Easier it becomes for users to consume data, better are the chances for such service to succeed.
    4) It will be important to test whether users are ready to consume information in this manner and later plan how to create revenues of this phenomenon.

    But then don’t you think that to build barrier for entry data itself should be owned by provider? Or atleast have some kind of exclusivity for a short period of time?

    Actually twitter comes to my mind where users can create data and consume it too with the twitter providing platform to do so. And since it is free initial adoption pace is only dictated by user’s desire to consume information in this manner.

    What do you think?