Favourite Restaurants

Bhavana, Abhishek and I go out to eat once a week or so. Jain food is what we need, so the choice of restaurants is quite limited. (If we can help it, we also stick to vegetarian-only restaurants.) There are plenty of options around Kemp’s Corner where we live.

Our favourite is Soam, at Babulnath. Initially, we saw it as a less crowded version of Swati Snacks (at Tardeo). But, once Abhishek started liking the free space to move and jump around, it quickly became our first choice. Another nice place near Soam is Govinda’s – right next to the ISKCON temple in the side-lane. A little ahead at Chowpatty, there are two restuarants we used to visit a lot earlier — Cream Centre and New Yorker.

Among other spots: Ansaa(formerly, Only Parathas) at Dalamal Towers in Nariman Point — my order there is usually the paneer and peas paratha. Then, there is Samrat at Churchgate. Another place we used to visit a lot earlier was Status at Nariman Point. A frequent stop is the Food Court at Atria — we normally will get the food from Kailasah Parbat or Only Parathas.

In the suburbs (close to Bhavana’s parents’ home in Santa Cruz) is my favourite: Little Italy. All their dishes are vegetarian. Which reminds me — it is probably time to visit them sometime soon. I love their Nachos and Salsa sauce!

I miss Pizza Hut. They used to have one at Chowpatty untila few years ago where they used to offer Jain Pizzas. That shut down, and the one near my house doesn’t have the Jain offerings. For that, I need to go to Surat (where Bhavana’s sister lives).  And Surat is where I am headed next weekend!

5 thoughts on “Favourite Restaurants

  1. If it is not too far from your place, try the “Jain sab kuchh thali” in Malad, near Chincholi fire station.
    It is very close to the Orbit mall.

    I have been in Mumbai only a couple of times and man I find this place awesome!

  2. Mouth-watering post!

    Personal recos are how I discover new places to eat out and getting recos for Jain friendly restaurants is better.

    One good veg. eatery you missed at Chowpatty is Crystal. Don’t get turned by its old-style ambience, its just kept that way – perhaps as a theme.

  3. you get jain pizza at ghatkopar
    go to pizza’s etc at hingwala lane
    I eat at only 100% veg -restaurants
    I used to be a regular at Pizza hut Chowpatty
    I can easily say that the taste at Pizza’s etc Ghatkopar is much better than pizza hut
    Their phone numbers are
    25011426 / 25094426

  4. just got this feed from one of my networks shared items….just wanted to ask you to try non veg food once…..trust me you will never then have veg stuff again…..I just showed you the path to Nirvana 😉