2009 India Mobility Trends 9 and 10

9. Emergence of Mobile as a Mass and Targeted Medium: Today, the Mobile is one of four new media that ad agencies and business look at along with FM, Out-of-home and the Internet. Given the user base that is already there, the mobile is ready for breaking out of the pack. It has the attributes of a mass medium like TV and print, and can combine the targeting that the Internet offers.

10. The 2009 Elections will be an inflection point for Mobile usage: More than half of the voting Indian population will have a mobile – which is a two-way interactive device. As the Mumbai attacks showed, while TV can rouse passion, it is the mobile which gets people organised and working towards common goals. Just as the US elections of 2008 were a defining moment in the use of Internet and mobile, I believe that the 2009 general elections in India will drive innovation in how the mobile is used for building communities, citizen journalism, advertising and more.

2 thoughts on “2009 India Mobility Trends 9 and 10

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  2. I find your trend 10 to be very interesting and will like to hear about illustrations/instances of this phenomenon – citizen getting organised and communities formed.. Do write to me about them if you have any stories to quote… I am contributing to a book on social networking and it will help site such an example.
    cheers, Mahesh