At Infocom in Kolkata on Thursday

I will be speaking at Infocom 08-09 on Thursday at ITC Sonar in Kolkata. My session is at 4 pm, and I have 20 minutes to speak on “Breakthrough Innovations in Mobile.” There will be three other speakers in the 90-minute session. The session brief is as follows:

Turning ideas into reality is what innovation is all about — even better when these innovations will shape the mobile industry. This session would discuss the Mobile innovation market and will bring together the mobile industry’s top innovators, investors, operators and key suppliers from across market segments.

This forum would identify the industry’s top priorities for new products and services, elevate the best-in-class innovations that are building them, and explore how the interests of customers or investors drive these breakthrough Innovations.

This session will explore the technical and commercial drivers underlining mobile businesses and the issues and challenges that will be faced by the mobile enterprises in times to come. Finally, the session would show how innovation can drive reduction in costs and focus on simplicity for increasing consumer base.

In my talk, I plan to build on my 2009 India Mobility Trends note. There are three focus areas I want to concentrate on:

  • the coming mobile Internet era, brought about by new devices (smartphones), 3G and flat-rate data plans
  • the opportunity for new business models in the form of VAS operators and mobile computing operators (Data MVNOs)
  • the emergence of the mobile as the next medium for advertising and marketing medium

Would love your inputs — what do you think are the breakthrough innovations in the mobile space?

It has been many years since I visited Kolkata — probably 5-6 years. I am looking forward to it, though I guess I will end up being at the conference venue for most of the day.

6 thoughts on “At Infocom in Kolkata on Thursday

  1. One aspect that is often overlooked by the industry is localisation. The availability of local content in regional languages can be a big driver for services. There’s still a long way to go. For example, many operators provide SMS in Indian languages but the messaging platforms are mostly proprietary leading to inter-operability issues. There’s no common standard for keypad layouts for Indian languages and this leads to rather poor user experience.

  2. Rajesh,

    There are 2 items i think will revolutionize mobile industry…..
    1) short term ….local information. By this i mean individuals reporting to a community interested in particular news, business, etc.,
    (it is just like newspaper, yellow pages, but purely local….may become international depending on the impact….like what twitter did for bombay attacks )…but
    as and when it happens. A decrease in price of
    tomato in a particular market….a serious accident heppened in xxx-road. Each person
    having a mobile becomes a reporter or an intermediate trader …..i donno whether i have
    put idea correctly.

    2) the long term….after 5-years. foldable screens are going to make mobiles into a computer (or computer into a mobile phone!!).

    Have a good time in Kolkata.


  3. Turning Ideas into Reality— A lot has been done ..and still a much greater scope still unscored. With various industries converging to utilize mobile potential to its benifit is increasing ,may it be advertising,music,internet , info, trading and lots more. Mobile phone is now just merely a distant talking device, it has now started capturing values from other and this leap is infact giving boom to VAS industries. There is a huge versatility and need to develop varying application based bussiness models.
    The breakthrough innovation in mobile space as i perceive will be in M commerce, Advertising, social gaming&entertainmant, Info mania,…I was very impressed by a Tv ad by AOL ..that sums up as ..when there is an easy way then why opt other. We have to bring in appliccation such as to make life still easier and comfortable.

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  5. Frankly, I’m surprised there isn’t enough done in India on position-based services!

    iPhone apps, Google Maps, etc. can all be so beautifully integrated with the information in a mobile handset that already knows where the customer is presently. An SMS like “ATM?” or “Pizza?” sent to a short-code can be responded to by sending the nearest 3 ATMs or pizza outlets in an instant! The possibilities are endless…

    Higher-end (and hi-bandwidth) applications like watching TV etc. on the mobile handset, somehow, feel like misplaced efforts when we’ve not yet learnt to harness tha basics, IMHO.