iPhone Software Upgrade

I finally got the software upgraded on the iPhone I have been using now for more than 15 months. And it feels like a different phone! The most important feature is the access to the AppStore, and the ability to add new applications so easily. While I have always been a proponent of the mobile Internet, I have to admit that having an on-device app can improve the user experience dramatically. I used an iTouch over the past few months to check the AppStore, but not having access to the applications on the iPhone made the usage minimal. One device that does it all is definitely the way to go.

The other application I now look forward to using more is Google map which can identify my location using cellID triangulation (since there is no GPS on my old phone). That is still good enough to start to get a glimpse of the GPS-enabled future with Location-Based Service.

This is probably the longest I have used the same phone model in the past five or so year — having been used to changing phone models every year. It says a lot for Apple that the iPhone is, according to me, still the best that’s out there.

Two other phones I am looking to try out in the future are the Palm Pre and a device using Google’s Android. Hopefully, they will come to India this year.

10 thoughts on “iPhone Software Upgrade

  1. Just curious. Did you upgrade it yourself or send it out for someone to do?

    It’s a very valid point that a 14 month old phone can still be “leading” out there.

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  4. It will take long to get an Android phone in India via the carriers, One can buy a developer Android phone directly from Google, and it’s an unlocked one.