Creating a Website

It has been almost a decade since I created a website. Today, the “Friends of BJP” website will be officially launched. How times have changed. Using WordPress with a free theme and a little assistance from a couple colleagues, we got the site to look reasonably like we wanted. And as I used many of the WordPress features for the website, I was very impressed by the capabilities of what can be done.

Creating a website (albeit a blog-like look) is so simple nowadays, especially for content that is updated frequently. A far cry from what it used to be 10 or so years ago! Makes me wonder why more corporates don’t just use blogging platforms like WordPress (it actually can do a lot more) or complete content management platforms like Drupal for managing their websites. And keeping them updated regularly.

3 thoughts on “Creating a Website

  1. Rajesh You need to get twitter channel on the site which guys across the globe can follow and will also help in education their parents on whom to choose.