Finally, Facebook!

I finally got around to updating my Facebook profile! A few years late, I guess. Here’s me on Facebook.

Would love some tips on what to do next, and how to make the best use of Facebook. Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Finally, Facebook!

  1. Welcome to the club Rajesh!.

    First step is to use friend finder and add people you know from your various email contact list.

    You will see how quickly your network grows…there are 170 million users on facebook as i type here.


  2. The number one thing you need to decide is what you use will use facebook for. Do you want it as a networking tool? Or do you want to keep in touch with the non digerati in your life? Thats what I use it for. My rule is if i dont know you, I dont add you. I know people who add anyone who asks and their experience of facebook is nowhere near as fun as mine is.

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  4. No offense intended. For professionals, I really doubt Facebook is the one – it is more for teenagers – as I see it being evolved. But then, a Shaharukh Khan is a still a mega star due to the teen-agers and house-wives. And there lies another recession proof market on a different note 🙂

    If you want to really connect in a light hearted different way – Ning is perhaps better.

    You have a serious personality and I think you should have a Linkedin group for you, your company as well. May be someday you will.

  5. I have been using Facebook for a while now and it is fun to follow the people you know.

    My far flung family is one that I keep a tabs on. Friends whom I have lost touch are connecting again.

    If you use it as a communication medium where you post your ideas, articles you read, your thoughts and twitter style messages and follow people (considering just sticking to people you know or find interesting) then it makes a lot of sense.

    Will not take more than 15 or 20 min a day.