Blog Past: The Company

In this series written in May 2004, I look at the institution we all belong to, The Company.

If there is one thing common to most of us, it is that we are part of a Company. Be it a startup or an established one, be it small or big, be it a local one or a global multinational, the Company is where we spend the better part of our adult lives. It is the mechanism through which we effect change (or get changed), where we build relationships (friends and business), and through which we generate income. The Company is a unique institution that binds us all together. Each of use has our own Company stories.

…In my first Company, the goal was to prove that I could build and manage a successful business. In my second Company, the goal is bigger and bolder – I want to build something that will last and make a difference, and to do well and do good. Perhaps, they are all the same. Only time will tell. For me, the Company is an all-consuming love affair. It is an instrument of innovation, of bringing forth new ideas and revolutions into the world.

One thought on “Blog Past: The Company

  1. Rajesh – In fact I will go ahead and say that when we are old and when we look back it will be companies we have worked will determine our satisfaction of life. Happiness and also
    dissatisfaction come out of the places where we work. One is lucky if one gets to work in a company where he or she realizes his true potential. As I have worked I have found very few places where you really get satisfaction.
    The companies which treat their people best and try to get best out of them are the ones which will generate wealth and happiness which after all is what we all want – to be happy.