Elections 2009: A Unique Experience — Part 4: Memories

There are a few memories that will stay on with me long after the elections are over:

  • The first 30-person meeting with we had in late January at the residence of Piyush Goyal from which the idea of “Friends of BJP” emerged – people spoke up openly about what they thought India needed. The passion that came through that India made me believe that there is an energy that needed to be channeled.
  • The first Friends of BJP event that we did at NSCI on Jan 29 – and where I started proceedings by speaking passionately on why I had decided to be vocal and speak up in favour of the BJP. It was my first semi-political speech!
  • The satisfaction on seeing a full Ravindra Natya Mandir in Mumbai for the first public meeting that we did on Feb 28, with Arun Jaitley as the main speaker. Till people actually showed up, we had no idea how many people would come as a result of all our outreach activities.
  • The first Delhi event we did in Mar 26 had an overflowing FICCI Auditorium. Everything was just about perfect – the venue, the audience, the speeches, the ‘atmosphere’.
  • The Goa event with Ravi Shankar Prasad was a delight – because of the interactivity we had. It was a lovely open-air setting, and Ravi Shankar Prasad answered every question. It would have been hard for an undecided voter not to have been swayed.
  • Our small, informal core team meetings – with their fair share of banter. A group of people who didn’t even know of each other before started bonding and working together as a team.

Reading the comments that have come in from readers on the Friends of BJP website. The question for us now is: how do we tap into the energy that is out there, and sustain it beyond May 16 to create something more substantial?

Tomorrow: Optimism Ahead

One thought on “Elections 2009: A Unique Experience — Part 4: Memories

  1. Mr.Jain -> Elections got over today in Karnataka and I finally went and voted for the first time in my life. I didn’t vote for BJP or for the Congress but for the man who changed the way we fly today. If you recall I hinted this previously as well that me and other young guns like me will prefer ppl like you (or like captain) standing in the elections. I’m sure if he wins he’ll change the ground as well on which you and I walk 🙂