Blog Past: The Discovery of India

I wrote this about six years ago about the opportunity the domestic Indian market offered:

Indian technology companies have a significant opportunity ahead of them to take up leadership in the global technology marketplace. Let the existing set of software and services companies focus on the world’s developed markets. We need a new crop of firms that can focus on solving the problems of the domestic market in India and then take these solutions to other markets like ours. Let us first discover India, and then conquer the New Emerging World.

How do we begin? Here are three questions whose answers each lead to large potential markets. How can we make a connected computer accessible to every employee in India? How can we make software part of the DNA of Indian engineering colleges? How do we transform rural India?


Indian companies need to start looking inward for a change. Few industries in the world have achieved global scale without the benefit of a large domestic market. Indian IT companies have made a great beginning in both software engineering and business process outsourcing services for global organisations. The time has now come to look within and create the new, emerging, technologically-advanced India.

The use of new technology can make our industry more efficient. It can make our engineering colleges better producers of the human resource that is so critical for our continued long-term success. It can also enable our rural population to get out of the development trap that they find themselves in, and open up a huge new set of consumers. The time has come for a Discovery of India.

3 thoughts on “Blog Past: The Discovery of India

  1. Rajesh – We need to make education as the top most priority of the nation. Education is what will save us. We need education for all – not only for children but also for the grown up.
    Technology can play a great role but first we need a change of policy. Education needs to be completely open and a voucher system needs to be implemented so that every one has access to education.
    We are all trying to find answers on what actions
    we need to take so that India changes.
    The answer is education. If we do not have educated resources no change will ever happen.



  2. Rajesh,

    I always felt we lack electronics and firmware (E-F). IT … yes it is important but comes on top of E-F.

    Think of one Indkia… and how good our cell network
    would have been and the services based on that.