Suggestions Needed on iPhone Replacement

Sensors on some parts of my iPhone screen have stopped working – result is that I cannot send SMSes using the entire alphabet! I am not sure if this can be fixed. (The phone is about 20 months old, and not covered by US warranties.)

So, I am thinking of buying a new phone — need to do so very quickly! So, I want inputs on what options are there and what I should buy. Of course, buying a 3G iPhone is an option, but I am willing to try something other than an iPhone this time around.Β  My previous phones (in reverse chronological order) were Nokia N80, 6630 and 6600.

SMS and Email are the two primary uses (other than talking). I am quite happy with Pull-mail (timed or manually initiated) from an IMAP account. I don’t tend to reply to too many emails via the phone, but I do want to be able to read them on it.Β  I don’t think I need the real-time addiction of a Blackberry! I also browse the Web quite a bit on the phone — and most of these sites are mobile-friendly. I do take photos also on the phone. (The iPhone did not have video capability.)Β  A QWERTY keypad would be nice, but it is not critical. A touchscreen is also not that critical. Battery life should last a day (the iPhone would barely make it).

I think that’s about it…what I need is something functional, sturdy, not very heavy, and not at the highest end of the cost spectrum. I am not closed to buying the 3G iPhone, but am keen to consider alternatives before I make the decision today. Suggestions?

UPDATE (Tue morning): I bought a Nokia E71. Thanks for all the suggestions! Will have more next week on my experience with it.

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  2. i use nokia e71 and i think it fits your needs perfectly. Make sure to use the nokia pull email software from

  3. I second E71, I used E61 earlier. No complaints with either. Both are non-touch screen, but comes with qwerty pad, and importantly battery lasts a good 2 days for normal use.

  4. Try the Storm, though browser is a bit iffy Blakberry will update the OS – the phone takes some getting used to but its good – however no Wifi πŸ™ ( a new version is rumored to be on the way by Sept this yr…)

  5. I am also with Gaurav and Smitha, Nokia E71 absolutely fits your requirement.Browser may not match iphone but its good.Pull email works well.Camera is not that brilliant but works well in daylight and its sturdy ,good battery backup and comes in 20k. You can also consider the newly launched E75.

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  7. Would strongly recommend Nokia E71. Damn good phone for business users.

    Excellent QWERTY keyboard, Great build quality, GPS, HSDPA (useful abroad), Nice camera (3mp, autofocus) and loads of Apps.

    Don’t forget to download the Nokia Messaging application, for a Blackberry like Push Email experience.

    Nokia E75 looks interesting but not sure if the slider keyboard is the best interface; since it entails extra steps of rotating the phone and sliding out the keyboard every time you want to type something long.

  8. Unfortunately the N97 is few months away.

    E71 is the best from Nokia that should fit most of your requirements.

    Do consider HTC Touch Diamond before you make a choice.

  9. I would say stick to Apple only and 3G is good replacement. Yes Nokia is an option otherwise but apple rocks!! πŸ™‚

  10. Nokia e63. This one rocks. It is similar to e71 but comes minus the assisted GPS chip and is marginally thicker than the e71.

    It is a great value for money. Battery lasts for 4 hours with continous Wifi. I have streched the battery for 3 days without recharging with smsing, voice calls and intermittent emails.

    The biggest factor in it’s favour is the Symbian OS which is rock solid.

    E71’s GPS chip sucks big time. You would need a GPRS connection to make it work in addition to subscription to Nokia Maps. You could define your preference- specially when Nokia e63 is almost 5k cheaper.

    QWERTY keypad is a God’s gift indeed; it takes a little time to get used to it but you’d be smsing like a pro.

    My mail accounts worked out of box in Nokia. Make sure that you download and install Opera Mini. You’d thank your stars indeed.

  11. Since you have used the iphone for some time I am sure you wouldnt like any other phone. Thats just the way it is.

  12. Just install SkyFire, its a good alternative to the expensive iPhone/3G experience.

  13. I was about to mention E71 and saw that finally you bought it. I think that was a smart choice.

  14. Hi Rajesh, sorry, just saw your blog post…. I would have strongly recommended a G1. I have been delighted with it!

  15. Just saw the post. Not surprised seeing E71 as the most recommended. Its truly an awesome phone and I refer to everyone who wants email and WAP browsing. Wi-fi functionality is a boon and so is the recently launched Nokia Messaging.

    I am sure you would have a positive experiences to share!

  16. Browsing experience is oh so good on the iPhone. E71 is the way to go if you don’t want to primarily use your phone for browsing the Internet. Also on a sidenote the camera even though a 3.2mp is no good in low light.

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