A week of the Nokia E71

I (up/down)graded to the Nokia E71 after my iPhone screen sensors started giving problems. Some thoughts on the two phones:

  • One line summary: E71 is a much better phone than the iPhone, but a much worse browing device than than iPhone.
  • The familiar Nokia interface for making calls and sending SMSes is much quicker – and I like that.
  • The QWERTY keyboard of the E71 is also quite nice. Typing out longish messages is quite easy. (I never really had much of an issue with the onscreen keyboard on the iPhone, either.)
  • The one thing I am starting to love is the GPS-powered Maps. We used it a lot when we went to Tikuji-ni-wadi on Sunday.Worked out very well.
  • The browser is a disappointment after using the iPhone for nearly 2 years! It almost feels like nothing much has progressed on that front since I used the N80.
  • Looking forward to the Ovi App store when it launches this month. Have downloaded a few apps based on recos from friends.

Like I said, its a better phone, but not as good an Internet browsing device. Looking forward to trying out more things with it in the coming days.

11 thoughts on “A week of the Nokia E71

  1. I was expecting that you would download Opera Mini. iPhone’s interface for web access is cool although I don’t rate the browser as good enough.

    Opera Mini is synced with my desktop; it’s really cool to have almost the same familiar interface. The default Nokia browser is pits indeed.

  2. Abhishek is right. You should download the Opera Mini since it can render pages in full html. I use it on my P1i and simply love it. It does not have tabs but the speed is amazing

  3. Technology has made everything reachable on finger tips. Starting from holiday at space to navigate anyone’s home on earth, nothing is impossible.

  4. I have the same phone and to get the latest news on new apps etc, I follow http://www.twitter.com/e71. They tend to give all the info related to the E71.

    Btw, for GPS, I’d recommend Google Maps. I prefer it to the Nokia app. You should also get Fring, will allow you to connect to chat and voip protocols.

    Thanks much!

  5. I would recommend using the Opera browser. It’s much better than the Nokia browser.

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  7. Great comments! Nice to hear that other people think the same way as I do. I have used both myself and would choose E71. It lacks little the wow -effect, but its usability is soooo much better.

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