Reading Columnists

It has been a fascinating exercise reading the diversity of op-eds over the past few months in the context of the elections and the unfolding political landscape. I have also developed a liking for some of the regular columnists:

  • Swapan Dasgupta (Sunday Times of India, Pioneer)
  • R Jagannathan (DNA)
  • Shekhar Gupta (Indian Express)
  • MJ Akbar (Sunday Times of India, Pioneer)
  • Tavleen Singh (Indian Express)

Each one has their own perspective which they weave into a compelling argument. I like to read different opinions on the same topics so one gets a wider set of inputs to make a call on the issues involved where one stands. Among the international writers, my two favourites are both from the New York Times: David Brooks and Thomas Friedman.

7 thoughts on “Reading Columnists

  1. Wish more of them had blogs like you have. MJ Akbar and Shekhar Gupta are a good writers. Unless you buy the newspaper or visit library, it is tough to read them :(.

  2. as per my knowledge there are the great writers…..
    it is very very tough to read them

  3. My involvement in election made me really read stuff.
    I was involved in study of History and Politics mostly through Arun Shourie, Guha and likes’ books. But these elections really enlightened me.

    I too read Swapan, Talveen, Akbar (i did read his Shades of swords before) for the first time in my life in their newspaper columns.

    But the real analysis I think came from the world of bloggers.

    Besides your own blog Rajesh, I closely followed blogs on , Offstumped, Francois Gautier, Frnds of BJP, hamara congress etc.

    I in fact gave up on my personal blog and started as my political blog which did not gather much visitors.

    Through cross linking I also found Atanu’s blog which I am always eager to read.

    Most of the time it becomes very difficult for me to read something that I dont agree with or something that sounds absurdly biased to me.
    But I feel I am learning and I feel I am learning by catching the finger of bloggers like you.

  4. Amit, thats a very helpful tool –

    Rajesh- I think you shd include an economics angle to it, and Swaminathan A Aiyar belongs there. Maybe Niranjan from Mint as well.

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