Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Megastudy: Bill Gurley writes about an interesting South Korean online education company.
  • How IBM Plans to Win Jeopardy!: from Technology Review. “IBM’s Watson will showcase the latest tricks in natural-language processing.”
  • Building the Smart Grid: from The Economist. “By promoting the adoption of renewable-energy technology, a smart grid would be good for the environment—and for innovation.”
  • How the Mighty Fall: by Jim Collins. A book excerpt in Business Week.
  • Cloud-based Messaging: by Fred Wilson. “Web apps are gaining the ability to be functional offline. Which makes them work as mission critical messaging systems. And messages are being hosted in the cloud which creates the kind of scalability needed for a world in where we generate hundreds of messages a day to groups not individuals and want them archived forever. Mobile is also a big part of this. For messaging, the triple play appears to be cloud based storage, a web app that can be used offline, and great mobile support.”

5 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. I have heard lots of discussion about changing education. But for the first time reading about Megastudy it feels like it makes great sense. I love the idea that teachers make money because it makes business viral.

    Especially in India such a model could work wonders!


  2. @Siddarth,

    Very high broadband penetration at home in S.Korea is the foundation of Megastudy’s success.

    Sunil M.

  3. I wonder if such an application can make broadband penetration as a necessity!